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Improve your life.

Equine Leadership is the inherent leadership style of horses in their herd.

In an effort to support clients make personal and professional breakthroughs, I integrate elements of the equine leadership on the horse assisted leadership learning addressing body-language as well as mindset.

I believe in reconnecting with nature through the horse in a natural environment to pause, to reflect, to tune in to your own greatness, so that you can regroup for your next leap forward.

The Equine Leadership through the horse assisted leadership learning is destined to:




Languages used in sessions are:

French, German, English

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Equine Leadership


The horse is a prey animal living in a herd. Every individual has its place and function, the herd leader has to take care of every member of its herd.

Because of its characteristics, the horse is often said to mirror the reactions of the human, to reflect his/her body language. 

The horse assisted leadership learning let us discover which elements of the equine leadership can be adopted by us to make our life easier or our company more performing through simple leadership reflections and expectations. 

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“There’s something about the outside of a horse that’s good for the inside of a man.”

Winston S. Churchill

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